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Academic Curriculum

F.P.A. - Academy formally opened in August 2023, after deciding to expand beyond F.P.A. -  Preschool, and with a goal of serving children Kindergarten through 5th grade. We are overseen by the Tennessee Department of Education and members of the Association of Christian Schools International.

The following information pertains to F.P.A. - Academy. For information on F.P.A. - Preschool please visit their home page at:

Core Classes (Taught Daily)

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Bible Curriculum

At F.P.A. we use Deep Roots Bible Curriculum. The Deep Roots Bible Curriculum is a digital curriculum designed for today's Christian School classrooms that will help children learn, remember, and practice biblical truth so it becomes part of their character and shapes their decisions and behavior.

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Language Arts (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

At F.P.A. we use Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA). This is the leading early literacy curriculum grounded in the Science of Reading. By combining knowledge-building and research-based foundational skills, our instruction guides educators in developing strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

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English Language Arts (3rd-5th Grade)

At F.P.A. we use BJU Press for 3rd - 5th grade English, Reading, and Spelling. BJU Press’s English program connects skills in writing, mechanics, listening, speaking, and viewing to provide students with a solid English language arts foundation. The Spelling program equips students to master spelling by recognizing word relationships and structural patterns in grade-appropriate lists. The Reading program will help students enjoy reading all types of literature to become lifelong readers. They will learn to analyze, interpret, and evaluate everything they read from a biblical worldview.

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Phonemic Awareness (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

At F.P.A. we use Heggerty for K-2nd Phonemic Awareness. As the #1 choice for daily phonemic awareness for more than 20 years, the Heggerty program is an effective and engaging opportunity that helps to prepare and empower students to become lifelong readers.

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At F.P.A. we use i-Ready Mathematics. It is an online custom math curriculum that provides students of all ages with differentiated instruction and supports them on their individual paths to success. Backed by cutting-edge research on best mathematics learning practices, students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging lessons.

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Science (Kindergarten)

At F.P.A. we use Abeka for kindergarten science. The Abeka science and health program presents the universe as the direct, orderly, law-abiding creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Students are presented with plants, animals, rocks, elements, forces, the human body-and much more-according to an understanding of the design and laws of nature.

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Science (1st - 5th Grade)

At F.P.A. we use BJU Press for 1st - 5th grade science. The BJU Press program equips students to apply science to life by observing and analyzing scientific information and by evaluating scientific models from a biblical worldview.

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Social Studies (Kindergarten)

At F.P.A. we use Abeka for kindergarten social studies. Abeka's history courses present an inspiring portrayal of peoples, lands, religions, ideals, heroes, triumphs, and setbacks in light of the biblical principles that govern the natural course of history.

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Social Studies (1st - 5th Grade)

At F.P.A. we use BJU Press for 1st - 5th grade social studies. The BJU Press program seeks to look at every subject through the lens of God's Word. Heritage Studies offers clear opportunity to see how God has had His hand on human events to establish His kingdom.

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Related Arts (Rotated Courses)

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Physical Education

Physical education is an important part of a student’s education. Through PE your student will improve their motor skills, boost their academic performance, focus, and energy level. During PE students will develop teamwork, cooperation skills, self-confidence, and personal fitness. We strive to provide the student the opportunity to create individual goals and self-discipline. The class will learn proper rules of a variety of sports, sportsmanship, staying healthy, and engage in a time of structured play.

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Music Class has been proven to accelerate brain development in areas that process sound, language, speech perception, and reading. During music class students will work with and learn about rhythm, melody, movement, instruments, and reading music. Your child will learn about and play instruments like guitar, violin, harp, cello, banjo, ukulele, piano, organ, drum, tambourine, cymbals, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, and so many more. They will study composers, musicians, styles such as, Beethoven, Bauch, Louis Armstong, jazz, classical, opera, bluegrass.

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Chapel will be a time of worship, prayer, learning bible stories, and scriptural lessons. The students will have many opportunities to participate in the lessons, pray for themselves, classmates, and family, and share their understanding of the Word of God. Chapel will be led by teachers, administrators, church staff, and parents.

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Art Curriculum

Art class will encourage interest from the student in many different types of art. Classes will include sketching painting, sculpting, photography, and more. Your student will learn to appreciate other’s art as well as express their own art. The classes will study art across the ages including artist such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and famous pieces like Starry Night and Statue of Liberty.

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STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This extracurricular class will go beyond what your child is learning in their science and math curriculum. This is a hand-on learning approach with real-world applications. Through STEM children gain skills for problem solving, critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. Activities include the egg drop, creating a maze, building boomerangs and airplanes, Lego structures, salt crystals, and more.

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This class will include a wide range of activities from learning to budget and save to using manners and following rules. Your student will be using life skills on a regular basis in this class such as, saying please and thank you; using eye contact; learning to listen well; questions not to ask adults. Boys will learn how to treat ladies with respect by holding doors and pulling out chairs. Girls will learn to sit modestly especially while in a dress.


Woodworking is a series of basic carpentry exercises designed to give students the know-how to safely use tools found in a wood shop. Along with Art, we will incorporate sturdier materials such as wire and wood. We will learn proper safety and technique in handling these materials and learn how to use basic tools to build, shape, and create.

Home Economics

Home Economics is about home management teaching practical skills that they can use in their daily lives and to meet the needs of society. This course will include basic home skills such as how to sew, use basic kitchen tools to cook, take care of plants, have good manners, and clean up after ourselves.